Pigger is a staff member of The White Tree, responsible for covering The Hobbit movie. He provides us with articles regarding the movie itself.

 Article 1 (10th February 2009)

The Hobbit is the long-awaited adventure motion picture of Bilbo Baggin's quest and walk-about of Middle-earth.
* Please note, I am only reporting on production and behind the scenes Hobbitly info.
The Hobbit, or there and Back again, was first published in 1937 and was the first "LOTR" novel by J.R.R Tolkien. After Peter Jackson finished the filming of Lotr, and was in post-production, he knew he wanted to make the Hobbit (He had expressed interest in 1995) following the success of the Fellowship movie. The movie is predicted to include the original cast, and will be more true to the book. It is in such a prequel, and will be filmed in New Zealand again (yay!). It is not known the date it will be released, But is speculated for 2010/2011 release. The rights to the sequel have been bought aswell, And they will be filmed at the same time. The original Hobbiton set in Matamata will be used, as with Rivendell and many more iconic Lotr locations such as the new Laketown. The film will tie up ends like the Mithril, Bilbo's sword and his acquisition of the One Ring. It is presumed to include the death of little Frodo parent's and the sequel will follow up to moments before the Fellowship movie started. More info will be posted soon.

This has been a Hobbitly Info report by Pigger.
By Pigger, edited by Cheeky Hobbit.