Cheeky Hobbit, a kind man of his words. One who was always looked up to. But the day marked at April 28, 2009, know that Cheeky Hobbit left with optimism and high hopes for his future. No one in this world could match Cheeky. He was indeed a legend. He had a certain humor about too, frankly we will all miss it. But when I look down to it; Co-Founder of The White Tree. How did we get so lucky to have someone like him lead a site full of Lord of the Rings fanatics.

Working close under Pandemic Studios after hearing of the game Lord of the Rings Conquest, he made a site, which he later shut down after visiting with a male by the pseudonym of bleh32. Together they decided to make a site known of anything Conquest, first stop: Conquest Mania. October 15, 2008 Conquest Mania opened to the public. Within only a few days CM had over 20 members. Under Leadership of Cheeky and bleh CM prospered. 

Months later, the films: The Hunt for Gollum and Born of Hope, entered the stage. The site was renamed due to the fail of Lord of the Rings Conquest, and then "The White Tree" was founded. And off too present day, we sit here, and we watch both administrators, founders of this here site leave.

He left to pursue his education and plan his future. A decision well respected by the community.

TWT will never forget, Cheeky Hobbit.