This section is here to inform you of the upcoming The Lord of the Rings: Conquest DLC (Downloadable Content). For those who aren't aware, Downloadable Content is video game content that is usually released after the release of the full game. DLC can range from small inclusions, such as the odd character or map, or large inclusions, such as full expansions.

Information regarding DLC has been vague at this moment in time, although we have seen some DLC released for Conquest already.


DLC Heroes & Maps Pack Now Available!

The second DLC pack for The Lord of the Rings: Conquest is now available for download on Xbox Live (Xbox 360) and PSN (PS3). The Heroes & Maps Pack includes:

- 3 playable heroes: Gothmog, Arwen and Boromir

- Two new full maps: Amon Hen and Battle of the Last Alliance

- Two new Hero Arena maps: Weathertop and Minas Tirith

The DLC pack costs 800 Microsoft Points or $9.99 on PSN, and is available right now. If you're not sure whether it's worth the cash, be sure to check out some screens and a trailer of the DLC, courtesy of IGN. Furthermore, you can head on over to the Pandemic forums to see what people think. Unfortunately for PC users, the DLC is only available on the Xbox 360 and PS3 as of right now.

Hero Arena DLC Now Available!

That's right folks. Pandemic has already released some DLC; it is a new game mode called "Hero Arena". Taken from an announcement on Pandemic's official forums:

Download a new way to play Hero Team Deathmatch for The Lord of the Rings: Conquest™. Hero Arenas let you pit Good and Evil heroes against each other in a 1v1 or 2v2 showdown! Choose all good, all evil or a mixture of both and finally answer the question of which hero would emerge victorious from a fight if they were able to stand toe to toe and face off without all the other distractions of the battlefield. Fought in a closed arena with only your fighting skills to keep you alive, there’s nowhere left to hide!

The Hero Arena DLC is available now on Xbox Live and will be posted on the Playstation Network shortly. To top it all off this DLC is 100% Free!

So, there you have it. The DLC is available now on Xbox Live and PSN, and is free to download. Further DLC is expected to be released in the near future - rumour has it that there will be three new playable characters and a map included in the upcoming DLC.