The News section is here, and offers you all the latest news on The Hunt For Gollum. Be sure to check back here often, as any information or media relating to the film will be posted here as soon as it arrives.


27th February 2009 - 45 minutes long? According to the film's official site, The Hunt For Gollum is now likely to be 45 minutes long, as opposed to the originally intended 30 minutes. Taken from the film's site: "As the editing gets finalised this week and visual effects reach their final deadlines, it's looking like the film will now be 45 minutes long! This may change further but we'll see how it goes!" So, there you have it. The film is likely to be 45 minutes long now, and there is every possibility that this will be extended.

The Hunt For Gollum is due for release on May 3rd. Until then, be sure to check out the film's trailers and stills.


7th February 2009 - The Hunt For Gollum release date. Well, on February 2nd The Hunt For Gollum's official site announced that the film is to be released on May 3rd 2009. The film will be released live on the official site, and we'll make sure we provide you with that link.

As always, stay tuned!


6th February 2009 - The Hunt For Gollum progression. Firstly, welcome to The Hunt For Gollum's very own News section! Now, a lot has happened with regards to the film over the past year, so here is a brief timeline of the film's progression:

- 3rd January 2008 - The Hunt For Gollum official site launched.

- 31st January 2008 - Filming was now at 25%, after a "very successful shoot" on the previous Sunday.

- 14th April 2008 - The site released some new posters of the film, which can be viewed in the Downloads section of their official site.

- 28th July 2008 - A new teaser trailer was released of the film, which can also be viewed in the trailers section of our site.

- 14th August 2008 - The film's official site introduced a Behind The Scenes section, showcasing features such as Visual Effects and Concept Art.

- 15th October 2008 - The final day of shooting was approaching, as the post-production stage ensued.

- 4th December 2008 - BBC Radio 6 Music interviewed the film's director Chris Bouchard. The interview can be downloaded here

- 17th December 2008 - Adrian Webster, who plays Strider in The Hunt For Gollum, was   interviewed by SFX Online about his role in the film. For the full interview with Adrian Webster, click here.

- 19th December 2008 - The first full-length trailer of The Hunt For Gollum was released, which can be viewed in our very own trailers section.

- 2nd February 2008 - It was announced that The Hunt For Gollum will go live on the evening of 3rd May 2009. We can't wait!

Well, that brings you all up to date with how The Hunt For Gollum has progressed within the past year. As more news is released, we'll make sure that we bring you right up to date with proceedings. So, stay tuned!