Ecartman147 is a staff member of The White Tree.  He reports on events surrounding the Born of Hope movie and provides us with details about the plot itself. 

Article 1 (9th February 2009)

Many people are confused with the plot of Born of Hope, so I thought it would be a good idea to inform people about this 60 minute Lord of the rings inspired film, created by Actors at Work production.

Born of Hope is a non-commercial production being created for free internet download, viewable by film fans worldwide. It is being made purely for entertainment purposes and to keep the storytelling history of Middle-earth alive.

The film is now in production - principal photography started in July 2008 and continued throughout the remainder of 2008. More filming is set to take place in 2009 and the aim is to premiere the film at Ring*Con 2009 before streaming it online.

Main Story:

This hour long original drama is set in the time before the War of the Ring and tells the story of the Dúnedain, the Rangers of the North, before the return of the King. Inspired by only a couple of paragraphs written by Tolkien in the appendices of the Lord of the Rings we follow Arathorn and Gilraen, the parents of Aragorn, from their first meeting through a turbulent time in their people's history.

The film revolves around the Dúnedain settlement of Taurdal, which is home to the Chieftain Arador and his son Arathorn. Taurdal is becoming something of a refugee camp as the Dúnedain flee their homes when outer settlements are attacked by Orcs spreading out of the mountains.


Arathorn -

The father of Aragorn, Arathorn was born in 2873. He lost his mother when he was 12 years old and spent much of his childhood in Rivendell. Growing up he learnt many skills from Elrond’s sons Elrohir and Elladan and as a skilled fighter would often hunt orcs with them. When he met Gilraen his life took a new direction and he had to face new responsibilities. Arathorn was the fifteenth Chieftain of the Dúnedain.

Gilraen -

he mother of Aragorn, Gilraen was born in 2907. She was known as Gilraen the Fair for both her beauty and the fact that she had unusually light hair for a Dúnedain woman. Gilraen grew up in the settlement of Gilorn with her brother Dorlad. After the family narrowly escaped from an attack by white wolves during the fell winter when Gilraen was just 5 years old her father presented her with a knife for her protection. When Gilorn was attacked by orcs her family fled north where they were rescued by Arathorn and his rangers. This chance meeting eventually led to their marriage in 2929 and the birth of their son Aragorn, renewing hope for her people.

Aragorn -

As soon as he was born on 1st March 2931, Aragorn was a symbol of hope for his people. When Aragorn was only two years old, he went to live in Rivendell. At the request of his mother, his lineage was kept secret, as she feared he would be killed like his father and grandfather if his true identity as the descendant of Elendil and Heir of Isildur became known. Aragorn was renamed "Estel" (hope in Sindarin) and was not told about his heritage until he came of age in 2951.

Among many other interesting characters.


It wouldn't be Lord of the rings without epic battles would it? A@W has promised that there will be battles, including a climatic battle at the end of the film.

By Ecartman147, edited by Cheeky Hobbit.